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Emerging Artist Network provides the most effective, and affordable real-time platform for discovering the best new artists, assessing their strengths and weaknesses, and tracking their growth over time, providing valuable insights and helping artists, music companies, brands and fans make informed decisions.

Introducing the EANscore™

As the music world becomes more complex and fragmented, artists must succeed in multiple arenas to achieve stardom. The EANscore™ incorporates three key components of success—touring, online music listening, and the size and passion of one's fan base—into a simple real-time score from 1-100 for each artist.

We use the proprietary algorithms that comprise the EANScore in conjunction with our extensive database of musicians and a matching technology, the EAMmatch™, to connect clients with music artists expressly tailored to them.

Our clients can then track the artists with our platform's user-friendly tools, which include detailed artist profiles; real-time stats of social media, touring and streaming; fan heat maps with tour info; hashtag tracking; and links to social media, streaming music, and concert tickets.

Free Tools for Artists to Unlock Growth

The EAN platform gives music artists an invaluable, simple tool (free of charge) to navigate and master the complex music landscape. Our dashboard shows artists how they are performing in key arenas, how they rate against comparable artists, and detailed analytics about their fans—where they live, demographics, and more. As artists leverage this data, EAN provides artists with opportunities to partner with brands that fit their values, generate new sources of revenue, and grow their fan base.

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